Our company

Nativeitem is an eCommerce cum marketplace as well as encyclopedia to display and sell Geo Tagged items from all parts of India.

This company started in 2019, September from a knock thought of selling famous items from a particular location. 

  • Genuine Items from Authorized Seller
  • Library of Geo Tagged Indicated Items
  • Feel like you are in Indian Market Digitally

Our team

Incredible India

We love India as it is. Yes, that's why we are working hard to develop this interesting project. It is started by just 2 person now we have 12 persons working behind the screen.


“We wan't our precious national items to be recognized, taste and shared by the online surfers. Authorized sellers and Geo Indicated items should be maintained live forever.


- Availability of almost all items(GI) from India, from almost all locations.
- Buyers should not get disappointed for getting duplicate or copy of their favorite items.
- Look and feel like it is original feel of Indian market.
- Support to National Arts, culture and food items for its traditional value.
- Nativeitem vision 2025, world's number 1 website for eCommerce to protect and spreading National Value.

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